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Seminario de Astronomía "Emisión galáctica difusa en el rango de microondas" CANCELADO


Jueves 30 de Noviembre de 2017


12:15 hrs.


Sala de Conferencias Federico Ristenpart (Camino El Observatorio 1515, Departamento de Astronomía, Edificio Central, piso 3, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile)

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Seminario  Diffuse Galactic emission in the microwave range

Seminario "Diffuse Galactic emission in the microwave range"

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Departamento de Astronomía FCFM Universidad de Chile

Dr. Matías Vidal
Universidad de Chile/DAS/MAD

Diffuse Galactic emission in the microwave range.

The microwave sky between 10 and 100 GHz is where the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is preferentially observed. This frequency range includes contributions from different types of Galactic emission that act as a foreground to the CMB. In order to produce CMB maps, it is necessary to understand and characterize the different components: synchrotron, free-free, anomalous microwave emission (AME) and thermal dust emission. I will discuss the diffuse Galactic emission on large angular scales as seen by the Planck satellite. I will also show results in polarization, where we combine Planck and WMAP maps to produce the most sensitive map in this frequency range. Additionally, I will present results and ongoing work on AME from individual clouds.

AME is thought to be due to dipole emission from fast rotating dust grains but the precise mechanism is still a matter of debate. I will also talk about how ALMA band 1 and 2 could help to understand the physics of the AME emitters, and in turn how AME can be used to characterize the physics of the ISM.

Rene A. Mendez
Seminar Coordinator
DAS/UChile - rmendez@uchile.cl

Departamento de Astronomía FCFM U. de Chile.
Nicolás Álvarez - +56 2 29771146 -

Comunicaciones Depto. Astronomía FCFM U. de Chile