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Seminario DAS: "From brown dwarfs to humans: Transitioning from academia to science communication"


Jueves 25 de Abril de 2019


12:15 hrs.


Sala de Conferencias Federico Ristenpart (Camino El Observatorio 1515, Departamento de Astronomía, Edificio Central, piso 3, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile)

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Departamento de Astronomía

Speaker: Dr. Juan Carlos Beamin
Universidad Autónoma de Chile & Nucleo de Formación Planetaria (NPF)

Title: From brown dwarfs to humans: Transitioning from academia to science communication.

Abstract: Brown dwarfs are the lowest mass sources produced during the star formation process. They can not fuse hydrogen in their cores over long periods of time, making them evolve through the ages, cooling down, and producing a strong mass/age degeneracy. Additionally their low temperatures produce fascinating atmospheric properties and variability. Even more, they share several properties with hot jupiters and young hot expoplanets. In this talk I will describe why we should keep studying these sources and how they can become a key part in our understanding of the local neighborhood and a good proxy to study exoplanets atmospheres.

While doing these studies I found myself "flirting" with outreach activities and science/astronomy education in different formats, until I made the decision to dedicate most of my time to do science communication. I will share some experiences and ideas that might be useful when planning outreach activities, communicating results with media effectively and engage non scientific audiences.

Rene A. Mendez
Seminar Coordinator
DAS/UChile - rmendez@uchile.cl

Departamento de Astronomía, Cerro Calán
Alejandro Leal Obreque - +562 29771154 -

Departamento de Astronomía