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Charla Magistral (en inglés): "Snow water resources in a warmer North American West"


Jueves 25 de Julio de 2019


16:15 hrs.


Sala B08, Edificio Beauchef 851 FCFM (Beauchef 851, Santiago)

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Across the North American West, runoff from enhanced mountain precipitation and snow accumulation supplies freshwater that supports industry and growing populations. Federal, public and private decision-makers from diverse water, climate, agricultural, municipal, industrial, and energy sectors have vested interest in mountain snowpack snow water resources. Societal and economic dependencies on the seasonal delivery of snowmelt runoff, and susceptibility to floods, motivate efforts to improve our ability to monitor and simulate mountain snowpack. The U.S. also faces challenges and bears high risk related to climate variability including droughts and abnormally wet periods, such as occurred in recent consecutive years in California. Long-term climate change further challenges efforts to ensure that our water resource systems remain effective and resilient to climate-driven trends. In this talk, I’ll present ongoing research efforts in collaboration with Federal, State, and municipal water agencies to better monitor mountain snowpack and improve our predictive capacity with large-scale numerical models. Finally, I’ll present recent work showing historical trends in mountain snowpack over the last century and end-of-century predictions for the future of this critical water resource.

Charla: Snow water resources in a warmer North American West

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