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Seminario DAS: "Astro-chemical modeling to Planck cold clumps G224.4-0.6"


Jueves 12 de Septiembre de 2019


12:15 hrs.


Sala de Conferencias Federico Ristenpart (Camino El Observatorio 1515, Departamento de Astronomía, Edificio Central, piso 3, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile)

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Astro-chemical modeling to Planck cold clumps G224.4-0.6

Astro-chemical modeling to Planck cold clumps G224.4-0.6

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Departamento de Astronomía

Speaker: Jixing Ge
Department of astronomy, University of Chile

Title: Astro-chemical modeling to Planck cold clumps G224.4-0.6

Abstract: Offsets of molecular line emission peaks from continuum peaks are very common but frequently
difficult to explain with a single spherical cloud chemical model. We propose that the spatial
projection effects of an irregular three dimensional (3D) cloud structure can be a solution which
has the potential to explain such asymmetrical distributions of chemicals in many other molecular clouds.
I will talk about how to successfully apply the idea to the Planck cold clump G224.4-0.6
by approximating it with four individual cloud cores whose chemical patterns overlap with
each other to reproduce the observed molecular line maps.

Rene A. Mendez
Seminar Coordinator
DAS/UChile - rmendez@uchile.cl

Departamento de Astronomía, Cerro Calán
Alejandro Leal Obreque - +562 29771154 -

Departamento de Astronomía