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Seminario DAS: "Planetary remnants around white dwarfs"


Jueves 07 de Octubre de 2021


10:30 hrs.


Virtual room (https://uchile.zoom.us/j/83634313029?pwd=Q0dkYnVGTUtJT2NQK0N1M3pudCsxQT09)

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Planetary remnants around white dwarfs

Planetary remnants around white dwarfs

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Departamento de Astronomía

***** HORARIO ESPECIAL, 10:30AM ****

Charlista: Odette Toloza

Núcleo Milenio de Formación Planetaria

Titulo: Planetary remnants around white dwarfs

Resumen: White dwarfs are the final fate of 95 per cent of all stars, including
our Sun. Planets and planetary bodies that survived this
metamorphosis of their host star can venture close to the left-over
stellar cores (i.e. white dwarf) where tidal force results in their
disruption. A debris disc is formed and its material accretes onto the
white dwarf. Observational evidence is widely supporting this framework.
However, the number of systems is very small for statistics and population studies,
and hence our efforts with MOS surveys to enlarge the samples.
On the modelling point of view, the chemical composition of the parent bodies is
extracted from UV/OPTICAL spectroscopy of white dwarfs. A key assumption, and
so far untested, is that the pollution caused by the accreted fragments on the white
dwarfs are homogeneous. Here, I will present the current status of what we know of these
evolved planetary systems, our progress with MOS SDSS-V survey and a test on the
the homogeneity of the the metal distribution using a pulsating white dwarf G29-38

Virtual room: https://uchile.zoom.us/j/83634313029?pwd=Q0dkYnVGTUtJT2NQK0N1M3pudCsxQT09

Rene A. Mendez
Seminar Coordinator
DAS/UChile - rmendez@uchile.cl

Departamento de Astronomía, Cerro Calán
Alejandro Leal Obreque - +562 29771154 -

Departamento de Astronomía