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Engineering & Sciences 2030 - Universidad de Chile

Vicedean James McPhee

Vicedean James McPhee

Engineering & Sciences 2030 is a 5-project program funded by CORFO. Ten universities in Chile take part in it, and the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM, by its initials in Spanish), Universidad de Chile, is one of them.

The general aim of the project is to support Chilean engineering schools to effectively fulfill their mission by incorporating, in a balanced way, outreaching activities into their traditional functions of higher education and research, in the context of contemporary knowledge society. This will allow for the generation of a creative environment and learning experience, both of which will give way to better-prepared new generations of engineers, competitive professionals at a global level.

Beauchef has always been synonymous with quality education, excellence and tradition, but our School is currently at a stage where our impact on society is to be maximized, especially our R+D work, by developing greater outreach and engagement both at national and international levels.

Accordingly, 2030 Project’s mission is to support our Strategic Plan: to position ourselves among the 100 best engineering schools in the world and the top 3 in Latin America.

So far, we have learned much from the international comparative analysis process, which showed us the development processes at some referential universities in the world. Current trends indicate that, over the last few years, innovation and entrepreneurship based on knowledge have been maximized.

Our School has organized the project around five strategic axes which will work in order for FCFM to become a world class institution.

Vicedean James McPhee

Director of Engineering & Sciences 2030 - Universidad de Chile

Change Agents:

  • Change Management and Human Capital
  • Applied I&D&i and Industry Engagement
  • International Alliances
  • Technology Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Curricular Harmonization


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