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Seminario de Astronomía "Observing ongoing planet formation"


Jueves 06 de Diciembre de 2018


12:15 hrs.


Sala de Conferencias Federico Ristenpart (Camino El Observatorio 1515, Departamento de Astronomía, Edificio Central, piso 3, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile)

Seminario de Astronomía Observing ongoing planet formation

Seminario de Astronomía "Observing ongoing planet formation"

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Departamento de Astronomía FCFM Universidad de Chile
Departamento de Astronomía FCFM U. de Chile.

Dr. Sebastian Perez
DAS - U. de Chile

Observing ongoing planet formation

In this talk, I will briefly review the quest for observing planets in their formation stages, and present a method that can provide protoplanetary detections and measurement of their mass. I will show preliminary results from our recent ALMA long baseline observations of the gas kinematics around candidate circum-planetary discs, and continuum observations of a particular system with distinct ring structure. The talk will finish by discussing what these observation tell us about the physics of planet formation and how they can inform current theories.

Rene A. Mendez
Seminar Coordinator
DAS/UChile -

Nicolás Álvarez - +562 29771146 -

Comunicaciones DAS - FCFM

Miércoles 24 de octubre de 2018