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Seminario | The universal force of critical fluctuations: Casimir effect in soft matter


Viernes 30 de Julio de 2021


16:15 hrs.


Online (Zoom)


The universal force of critical fluctuations: Casimir effect in soft matter

Dr. Andrea Gambassi
SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies and INFN,

In 1948, Hendrik Casimir predicted that two uncharged conducting surfaces in vacuum attract each other due to the quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field which are spatially confined by these surfaces. The classical analogue of this effect originates from the confinement of thermal fluctuations in fluids near continuous phase transitions, such as the demixing of a mixture of two liquids or the normal-superfluid transition in 4He, and it was first investigated theoretically by Michael Fisher and Pierre-Gilles de Gennes in 1978. Early indirect experimental evidence of the force of these fluctuations - known as critical Casimir force - were provided by detailed studies of complete wetting films. Its first direct measurement at the sub-micrometer scale, instead, was achieved only in 2008 by monitoring the Brownian motion of a colloidal particle close to a surface, immersed in a near-critical liquid mixture.
In this talk I will present recent advances in the theoretical and experimental study of the universal properties of this fluctuation-induced force, discussing in particular its non-equilibrium behavior, its non-additivity, and possible relevant applications to soft matter systems.


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