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The Department of Geology is a center of excellence for geologic education and research. The discipline seeks to comprehend the fundamental processes of the earth, such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, and the need for new types of energy, extraction of rocks and minerals that make up the earth's surface, etc.

Geologists have a vast field of organizations in which to work from that are responsible for basic and applied geological research within the country - companies in charge of the planning and construction of civil works and urban settings.

Staff in charge
Director Dra. Katja Deckart
Teaching coordinator
Postgraduate coordinator


The Department of Geology is the principal and oldest teaching and research center of earth sciences in the country. It enjoys international recognition for its level of academics, for the quantity and quality of its publications and the high standing of its researchers.


The foci of research that the department carries out centers on the understanding of our planet, its structure, functioning and how the balance of its dynamic systems can be maintained. At the same time, the department conducts studies on how to make sustainable use of the richness and diversity of the planet for the benefit of all of its inhabitants.

The following are the academic department research areas:

In addition, the department works on various research projects financed through competitive funding sources, among others.

Extension and outreach

The Department of Geology Extension Unit, created in 2012, has the goal of disseminating knowledge generated through its research to those of the teaching faculty by means of school education and scientific exposure through the following initiatives:

The department also maintains a specialized library that includes numerous thesis papers, geographical and topographical magazines and maps.

Secretary Verónica Carrasco
Phone +562 29784111 - +562 26963050
Address Plaza Ercilla 803, Santiago, Chile