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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Since 1966, the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DIMEC, in Spanish) has dedicated itself to educating Civil Engineer Mechanics that demonstrate skills in basic and engineering sciences, analytical and experimental abilities, knowledge of the current national context and its economic makeup, creativity and ethics, in addition to oral and written communication skills and languages.

The DIMEC contributes to the creation of science and technology in the nation, connecting educational projects and research with the requirements of a changing industrial society.

Staff in charge
Director del Departamento Dr. Rodrigo Palma H.
Subdirector  Dr. Rodrigo Hernández
Teaching coordinator Dra. Viviana Meruane
Postgraduate coordinator Dr. Ramón Frederick


Since its beginning, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has invested significant efforts and resources in developing its academic domain so that its graduates possess a high level of engineering science fundamentals, allowing them to work as a projects and design engineer. Apart from the degree, the department issues a Masters for professional development in the area, providing initial training for new scholars, and within the framework of the school academic training program. In this framework, its academics are integrated into the faculty of the PhD program in Fluid Dynamics and Material Sciences.


In the DIMEC, research is developed in the following principal areas:

Extension and outreach

The DIMEC conducts a multitude of educational, scientific and dissemination activities by means of seminars, outreach talks, etc. It also organizes the yearly "Mechanical Week", which features a number of activities, community talks and lectures.

Secretary Raquel Valdés
Phone +562 29784466 - +562 26988453
Address Av. Beauchef 850, Torre Central, Piso 4. Santiago, Chile