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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics conducts its activities toward the development of this scientific discipline by means of teaching, research and continuing education. For this, the academic teaching faculty contributes significantly to the training of students of the university as professors of physics courses during the basic training cycle of the Common Plan (Plan Común, in Spanish), also as in the Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate programs.

Its purposes are the following:

Staff in charge
Chair Dr. Álvaro Núñez
Vice chair Dr. Felipe Barra
Teaching coordinator Dr. Mario Riquelme
Postgraduate coordinator Dr. Rodrigo Arias
Outreach coordinator Dr. Claudio Falcón


The Department of Physics carries out undergraduate and postgraduate training in the following areas:


From its inception, the Department of Physics (DFI - initials in Spanish) has maintained permanent efforts to develop lines of relevant research for the discipline, whose results are of high significance for physics and its related applications. The department boasts a distinguished academic faculty of quality who primarily work in thematic research groups, with the participation of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

Extension and outreach

Since its beginning as the Institute of Physics and Mathematics in 1959, the department has promoted the task of dissemination of scientific knowledge in various ways:

Secretary Gilda Morales
Phone +562 29784335 - +562 26967359
Address Av. Blanco Encalada 2008, Santiago, Chile