2024-06-19 2024-06-19

Conferencias y seminarios

Seminario DAS: Measuring (Proto)stellar Properties to Refine Stellar Models



Miércoles 19 de junio de 2024




Auditorio Central, DAS, Cerro Calán

(Camino El Observatorio 1515, Las Condes)


Departamento de Astronomía

Speaker: Dr. Christian Flores
Affiliation: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ASIAA

Abstract: The process of star formation establishes key factors for stellar evolution, such as stellar mass and angular momentum, which influence a star's entire lifecycle, including its lifespan, internal structure, and eventual fate. However, given the high densities involved in star formation, direct observation of protostellar objects is inherently challenging. This has led us to often rely on insufficiently tested models to obtain the physical properties of protostars. In this talk, I will describe how high-resolution infrared spectroscopic observations of young sources can help address these challenges. I will present direct measurements of fundamental (proto)stellar properties and then explore how a synergy between infrared, optical, and submillimeter observations allows us to verify theoretical predictions and advance the field in new directions.