Luisa Pinto Lincoñir

School of Engineering and Sciences Director

Prof. Luisa Pinto is a Geologist at the Universidad de Chile and holds a PhD. in Earth Sciences from the University of Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), France and a PhD. in Science with mention in Geology from the Universidad de Chile. She is an Associate Professor at the Universidad de Chile and academic at the Department of Geology. 

She served as teaching head of the Department of Geology.

Her lines of research correspond to geomorphology, structural geology and sedimentation associated with tectonics, and analogical modeling of these processes.

She has trained in courses, diploma courses and teaching innovation programs in Chile and abroad, such as in the LASPAU Program of Harvard and the Terrascope Program of MIT; and has innovated with programs in the FCFM such as the iGea Program.