Spanish Immersion Courses


The Virtual Spanish immersion courses aim to provide the foreign exchange student with the necessary communication skills to effectively interact with other speakers in Spanish. Accordingly, the course will provide students with activities that foster active learning and promote problem-solving skills.


Course Version

Important Dates

Summer Version

  1. Application Deadline: December 28th.
  2. Payment: January 2nd to 8th 2023.
  3. Placement Test: from December 29th onwards.
  4. Classes: January 9th to 20th.

Winter Version

  1. Application Deadline: July 4th.

  2. Payment deadline: July 8th to 18th.

  3. Placement Test: July 4th to 10th.

  4. Classes: July 25th to August 5th.


  • $120.000 CLP ($130 USD Aprox.)



*The courses need a minimum of 12 student to open. In case of the applicant numbers is lower, the Faculty may not dictate the course.

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