Proyectos FONDECYT Regular 2018 con Investigadores Responsables en la FCFM

Investigador Responsable

Departamento Título proyecto Duración
Aidan Hogan

Ciencias de la Computación Managing Dynamic Behaviour in SPARQL query services
Alejandro Ortiz Ingeniería Mecánica Enhanching the robustness of meshfree Galerkin methods for solid Mechanics simulations using the virtual element descomposition
Alberto de la Fuente Ingeniería Civil Coupled dynamics of wind-induced turbulence, primary production and carbon sequestration on shallow saline lakes of the Chilean Altiplano Region
Andrés Escala Astronomía Key problems in the formation and evolution of massive black holes: a preparation to the era of gravitational wave astronomy
Denis Saure Ingeniería Industrial Approximate Dynamic Programming Methods for Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
Diana Dulic Física Bio-inspired single molecule electronics
Fausto Patricio Mena

Ingeniería Eléctrica In the quest for the ultimate amplifer for radio astronomy:Development of kinetic-inductance travelling-wave parametric amplifiers
Fethi Mhamoudi  Centro de Modelamiento Matemático Qualitative properties of solutions to some Local and non-Local PDEs
Francisco Gutiérrez Geología The role of shallow magma reservoirs during formation of giant ore deptosits
Jesús Roberto Cárdenas Ingeniería Eléctrica Modular Multilevel conversion technologies for future generations of high-power machine drives…
Jinsong Wu

Ingeniería Eléctrica Big Data for sustainable smart cities with the aids of computacional intelligence
Jorge San Martín 

Ingeniería Matemática Theoretical and numerical aspects of equations modelling fluid-solid interactions
José Antonio Soto  Ingeniería Matemática Approximation and Online Algorithms for Optimazation on Matroids,  Matchings and Independence Systems
Juan Escobar Ingeniería Industrial Timing in repeated interactions
Marcel Clerc  Física Vortex dynamics in driven nematic liquid crystals:Theory and experimentes
Marcelo Olivares Ingeniería Industrial Managing Capacity Utilization in Service Platforms
María Elena Lienqueo Ingeniería Química y Biotecnología Development of a novel method for utilizing waste algal biomass to grow methionine -enriched Trichoderma reesei as high-value protein for feeds
Maya Stein Ingeniería Matemática Trees, degrees and colours
Nancy Hitschfeld Ciencias de la Computación Imporving algorithms for the generation of polygonal and polyhedral meshes
Nicolás Huneeus Geofísica Transport of mineral dust in northern Chile and its deposition on the Andean Cryosphere
Nicolás Mujica Física/Ingeniería Química y Biotecnología The juggling soliton: a new kind of localtized structure in a Faraday system
Rahmi Ilkilic Ingeniería Industrial Public Procurement Auctions with Bid Subsidies and Quotas
Richard Weber
Ingeniería Industrial Dynamic Clusterin using Evolving Features
Roberto Rondanelli Geofísica Atacama extreme precipitation Events: A general circulation modeling perspective
Rodrigo Moreno Ingeniería Eléctrica Resilient Network Operation and Planning against multiple natural hazards
Rodrigo Palma Benke

Ingeniería Eléctrica Chile as a Solar Energy Exporter in the Region:A holistic decision-making approach incorporating energy, water, environmental, an socio-political challenges
Rodrigo Soto Física Discrete models of active matter



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