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Seminario “It takes a village to run a model”



Jueves 29 de septiembre de 2022





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Área de Recursos Hídricos y Medio Ambiente

Seminario de RecursosHídricos: “It takes a village to run a model”


Lieke Melsen, works as assistant professor in the field of computational hydrology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the selection and use of models, considering modelling as a socio-technical activity, and the consequences for model uncertainty. For this she combines technical approaches - model ensembles, sensitivity analysis - with quantitative research methods - interviews, ethnographic research.


Even if you give different people the same recipe and ingredients, the final dish will still taste differently. The same applies to the use of computer models: different modelers will make different choices, leading to different model results. In this study, I interviewed 14 modelers to study their modeling choices. In total, 83 different reasons to make a certain decision were identified. The most frequently mentioned reason to do something in a particular way, was the experience from colleagues. Most reasons were context dependent, they were for instance related to time constraints, available resources, colleagues, and personal preferences. This makes model results time and place dependent. It is important to be aware of this when estimating how reliable model results are.

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