Spanish Immersion Courses


The Spanish immersion courses aim to provide the foreign exchange student with the necessary communication skills to effectively interact with other speakers in Spanish within 2 weeks courses. Accordingly, the courses will provide students with activities that foster active learning and promote problem-solving skills.

To this end, the tutor will make use of:

  1. Role-play activities: the tutor will encourage pair-work interaction in which students take turns, share ideas, and drill each other.
  2. Teacher-student interaction (teacher-student and teacher-group).
  3. Oral and written practice of the lexical, grammatical, and communicative aspects of language learning, as well as awareness of the cultural context in which the language is expressed and used.
  4. Practice and presentation of vocabulary and new expressions.

About fees

Sessions*: January, July

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*The courses need a minimum of students to open. In case of a low number of applicants, the Faculty may not dictate the course.