Postgraduate School

The Postgraduate School at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM, for its acronym in Spanish) of the University of Chile offers varied and attractive doctorate programs, Master's degrees and Diplomas.

The strength of the programs offered lies mainly in the scientific excellence of the academic groups from which they are made up and also in the quality of its students - making the selection criteria highly competitive. It also pulls together a set of disciplines that are offered solely at the FCFM nationally, allowing stimulating interactions that enrich the variety of alternatives offered. All of them are accredited and combine different areas of knowledge with the most advanced facilities to create an environment for the challenge of specialization.

The Postgraduate School of the FCFM offers 11 PhD programs and 23 Master's programs.


The Doctorate programs are oriented towards training high-level specialists, suitable to autonomously carry out theoretical and applied research within their discipline, and able to make original research contributions to the advancement in this scientific and technological discipline. Graduates of the program are able to perform in academic positions in higher education institutions, from teaching to research. They can conduct investigations and development activities in research institutions and businesses of the discipline.

Master's Program

The Master's programs are designed to provide a strong background in aspects from theoretical to applied areas of knowledge as well, training its graduates for professional high-level performance in activities where such knowledge is relevant. From the professional point of view, the programs enable its graduates to participate creatively in the evaluation and quantitative problem solving related to their disciplines and university teaching exercise. The programs also offer training that gives them a preference advantage for accessing PhD programs in university centers of excellence.