About the Faculty

The Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM, for its acronym in Spanish) has been in existence for over 175 years. It is focused on higher education and on the development of basic sciences, engineering sciences and technological applications. At present, it offers a professional degrees in Engineering in nine different specializations, Geology, three bachelor of sciences and more than 30 postgraduate academic programs.

Its background, results and commitment to excellence, places it amongst the best Chilean and worldwide Engineering and Science Faculties.


The FCFM's mission is the generation, development, integration and communication of knowledge of basic sciences, engineering, earth sciences, economy and management.

It is the Faculty's responsibility to act as a national intellectual repository in areas of expertise, recognizing as a fundamental part of the mission the attention to national issues and necessities.

This mission is carried out through education, research, and extension, addressing different levels of complexity and maintaining a standard of international excellence.


The development of the FCFM is consistent with its history and mission, its intrinsically public nature, and national commitment in a globalized world.

The Faculty's vision is:

  • To be the most important engineering and sciences center in the country.
  • To be recognized by the international academic world in areas of its expertise.
  • To be a principal actor in the acquisition process of science and technology in every field of the national economy.


Excellence and academic rigor in individual and collective performance, such as the freedom of thought and expression, are the guiding principles of the Faculty in achieving its mission. The merits and recognition in its work are based exclusively on these philosophies.