The FCFM and the Industry

The Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM, for its acronym in Spanish) vision consists of a strong and solid commitment to the nation and its students, addressing undergraduate and postgraduate training, scientific and technological research, transference, innovation and entrepreneurship, according to a rigorous standard of excellence.

The Faculty responds creatively and effectively to the challenges imposed by globalization, the wide access to information and inclusion of the country within the world stage. Its goal is to foster deep and active links with the productive environment, meeting the current demands and exploring emerging developments. Research is conducted with increasing proximity to the needs of the country and society, contributing to the innovation and application of the latest technologies.

The larger FCFM developments in innovation and technology transfer to the productive environment occurin its institutions: IDIEM, NIC Chile, AMTC y CMM.


Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Structures and Materials (IDIEM)

The Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Structures and Materials (IDIEM) is the center for services and technology transfer in the area of construction and related industries. It provides a competently technical service, carried out by qualified personnel in a responsible manner to satisfy the expectations of its customers in three main areas: Geotechnics and Pavements, Design and Construction and Materials and Industry.

Director Fernando Yáñez
Secretary Marite Ibarrondo
Phone +562 2978 4151
Address Plaza Ercilla 883, Santiago


NIC Chile

NIC stands for "Network Information Center" (Centro de Información de Redes), the historical name used worldwide to define the organization in charge of administering domain names in categories on the internet.

The world organization that administers internet domain names IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority), in 1986, delegated the job function to the "Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación de la Universidad de Chile, with the objective to allow the creation of corresponding domain names to our country, resulting in the suffix ".cl".

Director Dr. Patricio Poblete
Secretary Silvana Flores
Phone +562 29407700
Address Miraflores 222, floor 14, Building de Las Américas, Santiago
Box 8320198

Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC)

The Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) mission is to generate world-class multidisciplinary research, transfer new technologies and form advanced human capital, responding to the challenges of mining to ensure the welfare and development Chile and the world

The Center receives strong support from CODELCO and the BHP Billiton Metales Base, both members of its directorate, and a group composed of 146 researchers in areas as Geo-Resources and Applied Exploration: Characterization and Modeling;Geo-Metallurgical Reservoirs; Mining Planning; Mining Design; Automation and Robotics; Image and Recognition Processing; Energy for Mining; Water, Environment and Sustainability; Extractive Metallurgy.

Director Javier Ruiz del Solar
Secretary Renée Kellinghusen
Phone +562 29771000
Address Av, Tupper 2007, floor 4, Building AMTC, Santiago

Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM)

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) is a national scientific center and leader in research and advanced training in applied mathematics. Its mission is to create a new mathematic to solve problems stemming from other sciences, the industry and public policies. Since its creation, the CMM has contributed to the innovation and solving of public and industrial problems in areas where mathematical modeling has proved essential, especially in sectors where the Chilean economy has gained advantage such as in mining, astronomy, energy and natural resources.


Director Dr. Alejandro Maass
Secretary María Inés Rivera
Phone +562 29784870/29784525
Address Av. Blanco Encalada 2120. Floor 7