About the campus

The Beauchef campus houses the buildings, laboratories, lecture halls, sports infrastructure and green areas of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. It is located in Santiago, where it takes up two blocks between the streets Blanco Encalada, plaza Ercilla, Tupper and Club Hípico. The entrances are located at Beauchef 850 and Beauchef 851.

The campus is surrounded by installations such as the cafeteria, located on Blanco Encalada 2085; the Engineering Student Center, on Tupper 2140; and the Domeyko Gymnasium, located at Almirante Latorre 730.

In addition, the school has off-campus locations such as the Department of Industrial Engineering, located on Ave. República 701; the Mechanical Engineering Laboratories on Blanco Encalada 2743; and in the Las Condes neighborhood, at the foot of the Andean Cordillera, is the Department of Astronomy on the Calán Hill.