Procedures for Foreigners

a. Visa application
b. Visa Registration
c. RUT (National Identity Card)
d. Visa Extension


a. Visa Application

It must be requested on the new platform of the Migration Service, online only. The consulates no longer receive applications.


b. Visa Registration Certificate

With the new immigration law, the visa registration process is not necessary anymore:


c. RUT (National Identity Card)

This document must be obtained by all foreigners who stay in Chile for more than three months.

You must schedule a time on the Civil Registry page in schedule of hours:


d. Visa Extensions

90 days before your visa expires you must submit the application for visa renewal.

The procedure takes many months to process it, for this reason it is important to be attentive to start the process between days 90 and 80 of its expiration date.

Review requirements in:

Remember that you can request assistance from the Academic and Research Department to help you with this process.