Visa Instructions


(It is important to know that from Chile you CANNOT see the same procedures as from abroad)

1.Enter directly at

2.Open an account at

(go to the bottom where it says Create account here) Be very careful to enter YOUR email correctly and all the requested information.

 3. Go to Temporary Residence Visa

  4. Choose Another Type of Residence

    - Within it, choose Scholarship holders, researchers, academics, volunteers

 5. The documents you will need to complete the application are:

-               Sponsorship letter (can be issued by the dean or unit director but with a notarized stamp) this letter can be managed by your sponsoring academic with the Academic, Research and Innovation Directorate (DAII-FCFM)

-              Certificate of background (or police record)  from the countries in which you have resided in the last 5 years. This document must be Apostilled, that is, have the stamp of the International Hague Convention

6. To finish the application, press the FINISH button that appears in green at the end of the platform form. This will generate an email from the migration service that will arrive in your inbox and confirm that you have made the application.

7. If you have a dependent family, just before finishing, you are asked to indicate that information and you can enter the information of the family that comes with you in the same application.

8. This application generates a Number which you must give to the person in charge of your unit so that your application can be entered into the Agreement of the Migration Service and Public Universities (CRUCH) to expedite procedures. If you don’t receive that email could be mean that you didn’t finish the application properly