Department of Mathematical Engineering



The Department of Mathematics Engineering (DIM, in Spanish) develops mathematical research in pure and applied mathematics, addressing problems national importance.

The main areas of research that developed from within the DIM are: differential equations, discrete mathematics, mathematical mechanics, optimization, and probabilities. In addition, the DIM is responsible for the Civil Engineering Mathematics program created in 1965, and the Doctorate of Mathematical Modeling.
Many department members are involved in mathematical applications in the national and international production field through the Center for Mathematical Modeling (Centro de Modelamiento Matemático) of the same university which was founded in 2000.

Staff in charge
Director Dr. Héctor Ramírez
Subdirector Dr. Jaime Ortega
Teaching coordinator Dr. Jaime Ortega
Magister coordinator Dr. Juan Peypouquet
Phd coordinator Dr. Claudio Muñoz


Within the teaching field, the academic staff of the program makes significant contributions to the training of all students of the university as mathematic teachers of courses belonging to the Common Plan (Plan Común, in Spanish). This academic unit oversees the following programs:

  • Civil Engineering Mathematics: The program provides a solid background in applied mathematics and prepares one to take on problems in engineering with a high level of mathematical content through formulation and theoretical resolution of algorithmic models in engineering and other scientific disciplines.
  • PhD of Engineering Science, with emphasis in Mathematical Modeling: The program objective is the scientific training of academics of the highest grade, apt to conducting original research whose results contribute significantly to Applied Mathematics knowledge. In addition, it promotes university level teaching of undergraduate and graduate, providing professional and techno-scientific evaluation in disciplines related to Applied Mathematics.


The Department develops fundamental research in various areas of mathematics. The scientific activity of DIM researchers is also oriented towards solving problems via mathematical modeling in areas such as cryptography, energy, forest engineering, genomics, environment, mining and transportation. These activities forge a strategic alliance with the Center of Mathematic Modeling (CMM, in Spanish). All research is disseminated periodically through seminars within the DIM or the CMM.

Another relevant aspect of the research work in the DIM is developed by its students in the context of their thesis as well as their undergraduate thesis, to obtain a Civil Engineering and Mathematics degree.

Areas of research

  • Non-linear Partial Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematical Mechanics, Control and Inverse Problems
  • Probability and Ergodic Theory
  • Optimization and Equilibrium

Currently, the academics of the Department participate in the following projects:

Extension and outreach

The DIM carries out a variety of educational, scientific and dissemination activities via seminars, scientific meetings, schools and community outreach talks.
It possesses a public service library with a large collection in the area of applied mathematics comprised of frequently utilized scientific literature and bibliographical materials.
In relation to the graduates, the faculty and the DIM develop initiatives to establish and maximize contact networks among its graduates. The goal is to maintain a bond with the graduates and their specific programs. This comes in the form of supporting their entry into the labor force, generating opportunities to facilitate the academic-business collaboration and create channels for those that choose to contribute with academic labor that the university carries out. In this regard, the DIM is supporting the creation of a virtual community of graduates from the Civil Engineering Mathematics program.

Secretary Gladys Cavallone L.
Phone +562 26711530 - +562 26883821
Address Av. Beauchef 851, piso 5, Santiago, Chile