Francisco Martínez Concha


Professor Francisco Martínez Concha is a civil engineer from the Universidad de Chile with a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds, England. He is an academic of the FCFM since 1986, where he has held various administrative positions such as: Director of the Department of Civil Engineering; Coordinator of the Program for External Courses; Director of Postgraduate studies and Masters in Transport Engineering of the same department, among others. During his outstanding academic career he has also held several positions at the Universidad de Chile: vice-rector of Economic Affairs and Institutional Management, member of the Advisory Committee of the Research and Development Department of our university, vice president of the Institutional Project Commission, transversal senator and adviser to rectors Víctor Pérez and Ennio Vivaldi.

He was also former chief of the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education, council member of Conicyt and the National Accreditation Commission, president and vice-president of the Chilean Society of Transport Engineering (Sochitran), and member of Engineering Group 1 of Conicyt, among others.

His area of research is the operation and evolution of cities, with a particular interest in urban economy and the dynamics of urban systems, localization models, the interaction between transport and land use, accessibility, and the evaluation methods of urban management policies. Prof. Martínez is the creator of the land use model of Santiago, MUSSA, which has been applied in various cities around the world, such as Minneapolis, Boston, Paris and Berlin, among others, and is used in teaching at several universities around the world. He has also investigated consumer rights and the theory of wealth distribution.

He has conducted academic visits to universities such as MIT, Washington and California-Davis in the United States; to Lyon, France; Leeds, University College of London, Cambridge, Cardiff and West England in the United Kingdom; to Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama in Japan; to Monarch and Sydney in Australia; among others.

In addition, he has participated in international research projects such as the Risk Habitat Megacity with the Helmholtz Institute of Germany and the Smart Singapore-MIT alliance for research and technology.

In 2011 he was appointed Head Professor of the Universidad de Chile. He became dean of the FCFM in 2018.