Laboratorio de Biología Molecular e Ingeniería Genética

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Proyectos asociados

  • PROYECTO FONDECYT 1121088: "Improvement of the Lignocellulose Hydrolysis by Use of Auxiliary Enzymes". M. O. Salazar, investigador responsable, M.E. Lienqueo, co investigador. 2012-2014.
  • FONDEF D08-I-1051: "Vectores adenovirales para la terapia génica en el tratamiento del alcoholismo", J. Asenjo, investigador responsable. Co-investigadores, B. Andrews y M.E Lienqueo. 2009- 2013.
  • CONICYT-AKA2008-2009: "Optimal treatment processes of lignocelluloses for bioethanol - consortium: Optbio". M.E. Lienqueo, investigador responsable.
  • 2012-2013: Deputy Director of the applied R+D project entitled "Production of a standardized and clinically tested food ingredient for the control of glycemia in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients" (11IDL2-10682), granted by the Development and Innovation Fund (FDI) of the Chilean Government Development Agency (CORFO).
  • FONDECYT 1130317: co-researcher in the project entitled "A systems biology approach for studying and understandingcellular processes involved in the regulation of intestinal iron absorption", granted by the ChileanNational Agency for Scientific and Technological Research (Fondecyt 1130317). 2013-2016
  • Royal Society Grant.2010 - 2012: "Biodiversity and Natural Products of Actinobacteria from hyper-arid desert soil", Investigador responsible, Juan Asenjo.
  • Conicyt VI-2010 065: 2010-2011"Support for international networking between Research Centers" Bioproducts Discovery & Development Centre (BDDC) University of Guelph-Biocomsa-U. de Chile.


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